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We bring you the best food and beverages since 1985

Family-run HEBA Food & Beverages has been active on the Swedish and Scandinavian markets since 1985. Our range includes some 70 items in 7 different product categories. They are available in Systembolaget, the Swedish wine and spirits monopoly retailer as well as in supermarkets across Sweden. We also bring food and beverages to Finland, Norway and Denmark.

A portfolio of wine and beer

HEBA imports wine, beer and spirits from all over the world and works closely with many well-known wineries and breweries. We have specialized in wines from Austria and beers from some of the most well-regarded craft brewers in Europe.

A portfolio of food & beverages

Food and beverages are imported from all corners of Europe, such as gluten free pasta, olive oil and ice tea. Some of our products are produced in Sweden. HEBA has a couple of own well-known Swedish brands in its portfolio such as Kloka (rapeseed oil) and Tropic Dream (fruit drinks and mocktails).

A network of sales teams

To provide an efficient and professional service to our retail customers, as well as ensuring shelf-visibility, HEBA has a network of dedicated sales teams and partners in all Scandinavian countries.

About Heba

As a family, we have our roots in Austria, and in 1985 we started trading with that country. We are still passionate about Austrian products even though our range has expanded throughout the rest of Europe and also to other parts of the world. This passion has brought us an exceptional success, bringing food and beverages to the Swedish and Scandinavian markets for many years. HEBA Food & Beverages is an expert partner with many years of experience.

More information

If you would like to know more about HEBA Food and Beverages and its range of products, please contact Sales manager Christian Mahrle on +46 (0)70 866 72 39 or at christian@heba.se

Brothers Richard and Christian Mahrle run HEBA since 1985. Photo credit: Anders Levander
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